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Vertical Models
  • 6000' one way working auto stop, with aux end rewind, 16/35mm, various models

  • Deluxe MK2 Vertical 3000' Forward and reverse, 16/35mm variable speed, illuminated inspection panel, free standing

MK3 Deluxe Horizontal Model

  • Fitted on a 4' x 2'6" table complete with viewing panel, foot operated, forward and reverse, auto rewind, tension and brake adjustment, etc.
  • - 25" 6000' Model
    - 17" 3000' Model
MK3 Deluxe Horizontal Motorised Rewinder

  • State of the Art Rewinding

  • Fast, Efficient Rewinding

  • A Must for the Modern Film User

The Premier MK3 Deluxe Horizontal Motorised Rewinder is a NEW state of the art Rewinder. Redesigned to give modern up to date rewinding, it incorporates 2 Induction motors each with its own fan cooled electronically controlled units. These units can be set to wind the film, unspooled or spooled at various speeds. The table is fitted with 17" - 3000' (914m) precision aluminium plates. Brakes are fitted to each motor. A back voltage is applied to the take off motor to prevent overrunning. The recommended ex-factory setting allows 3000' (914m) of 35mm film to be rewound in 1-1/4 Minutes.

The Rewinder is foot operated with a variable inspection speed from 0 - 2400' per minute in both directions. There is also an automatic rewind facility for both directions. There is the facility for the right hand take up to wind clockwise or anticlockwise.

The Rewinder is fitted with dual gauge rollers so that both 16mm and 35mm film can be handled. These rollers lock automatically into either position. The left hand roller incorporates an automatic stop, activated if the film breaks or at the end of winding a reel in automatic mode.

The table is fitted with an illuminated viewing panel.

All the controls are at the front of the table with illuminated switches where appropriate. The film direction switch is located on the top of the table. The table top has a Formica facing for easy cleaning. Compact in size 48" (122cm) x 30" (76.2cm) x 36" (91.5cm) high. Weight: 90kgs.

This table has been designed to give many years of continuous use and is designed in the long tradition of Premier Precision film equipment - reliability, effectiveness and versatility, ideal for Laboratories, Film Archives, Studios, Cinemas, Despatch Rooms etc.

A 6000' (1828m) Model is also available.