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PREMIER is a registered Trade Mark of Philip Rigby and Sons Ltd

  PREMIER is a registered Trade Mark of Philip Rigby and Sons Ltd
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  • Instant visual and audio check that all exit door chains have been removed.

  • Prevents safety regulations being broken.

  • Only operates when the mains and secondary lighting are switched ‘on’ (when the public are present.)

  • Essential for every place of Public Entertainment.
Chain Alarm Box
:: Chain Alarm Box
Detailed description:
This Chain Alarm Box has been designed to ensure that the public are not admitted to a public place of entertainment without all the chains on the EXIT doors removed.

This device is extremely easy to use. It comprises the equivalent number of locks and key switches to door chains being used.

Each exit chain has a key which fits into a key switch enabling the switch to be turned off. Until all the key switches have been turned off, the alarm bell rings. The device is wired to the secondary lighting circuit and the mains. It is double fused on the secondary circuit as well as the fuse on the mains side, to meet safety requirements. It automatically comes into operation as soon as the secondary lights and then the mains are switched ‘on’. The bell starts ringing and can only be switched off when all the key switches have been turned off with the individual keys attached to each chain. A neon light indicates that the mains is ‘on’.

Extremely efficient it has a P.C.B. and requires virtually no maintenance. The alarm bell is fitted inside the box and so cannot be tampered with. It can be installed at any point required.

At a glance it can be seen that all the chains with keys are in position on the alarm box. Price on application.
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