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PREMIER is a registered Trade Mark of Philip Rigby and Sons Ltd

  PREMIER is a registered Trade Mark of Philip Rigby and Sons Ltd
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  • Square Fibre (21" square x 30" high)

  • Cloth Lining for Square Bin

  • Round Plastic (30" high x 21" dia.)

  • Cloth Lining for Round Bin

  • Wooden Cuts Rack (Goalpost Model)

  • Castors for Square or Round Bins

Other sizes and shapes of bins can be supplied

Cloth Linings and Covers can be supplied and quoted for all other sizes of Bins and Editing Tables.

Film Bins
:: Film Bins
Detailed description:
  • Round or square

  • With or without cuts racks

  • With or without cloth liners

  • With or without castors

The new range of Rigby Film Bins is large and comprehensive. The standard size round bin is 21" diameter by 30" high. It is made in white polypropolene which is virtually indestructible.

The square bin is made in fibre. The standard size is 21"square x 30" high. The bin is normally fitted with castors as standard.

Cuts racks can be supplied as required.

Other sizes and shapes can be supplied and quoted for.

Cloth linings and covers can be manufactured and supplied to customers own requirements at extremely competitive prices.
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