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PREMIER is a registered Trade Mark of Philip Rigby and Sons Ltd

  PREMIER is a registered Trade Mark of Philip Rigby and Sons Ltd
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  • Applies 4 perfect cue marks simultaneously

  • Ideal for Television and Wide Screen presentation

  • Interchangeable plates for positive and negative film

  • Cannot damage the film
35mm Cue Dot Marker
:: 35mm Cue Dot Marker
Detailed description:
The "Premier Automatic Cue-Dot Marker" cannot damage or Cut the film and it scribes four extremely neat cue marks simultaneously.

The base is cast aluminium and the top plate Duralumin, the plate on which the film lies is opaque Perspex, engraved and fitted with pins so as to give automatic alignment for the film to be marked. This Perspex plate is positioned on the base by two register pins. The scribing cutters are hardened steel.

Special plates can be supplied for other types of film.

Four rubber feet are fitted on the base.

The base of the Marker is attractively finished in a stove enamel and the Duralumin top plates are polished.

In operation the film is positioned on the pins on the Perspex plate, the Duralumin top plates lowered, and then by moving the plastic knob from left to right two or three times, the four marks are scribed on to the film.

The diameter of the Cue Marker for both 16 mm and 35 mm is .042". This size is particularly useful on wide screen cinema presentation where larger marks are objectionable.

The smaller size is also eminently suitable for television use.
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