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PREMIER is a registered Trade Mark of Philip Rigby and Sons Ltd

  PREMIER is a registered Trade Mark of Philip Rigby and Sons Ltd
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16mm 200 ft Spool16mm 400 ft Spool16mm Spools & Cans (Plastic/Film)
35mm 1200 ft Plastic Film Can35mm Plastic Cans
35mm Plastic Spools
Film LeaderAcetate Leader
Antistatic Devices Details on request
35mm Cue Dot MarkerAutomatic Cue Dot Marker
Film BinsBins & Bags
Film BobbinsBobbins (Plastic)
Cabinet 6-way 35mm 25'' 6000' (1823m) Spools
Camera Bags Black Plastic 400' or 1000'
Camera Bags (Plastic)
Chain Alarm BoxChain Alarm Box
Changing Film Bag 400' 16mm Polyester
Clapper Boards Various sizes available
PF-550 Foam SwabsPF-566 Audio Cassette CleanerCleaning (Geneva Proformance Range)
Kenair and MasterkitFoamcleneCleaning Materials (Editing Supplies)
Rosco Lens CleanerFoamcleneCleaning Materials (Projection Room Supplies)
Illuminated Mobile Cuts RackCuts Racks
Dark Room Joiners Cement or Tape
Daylight Loading Spools %26 CansDaylight Loading Spools & Cans 16mm/35mm
Film BenchFilm Benches and Tables
Film Cement (473ml can)
Film HorseFilm Horses 2-way to 6-way
35mm Auto Splicer16mm File SplicerFilm Joiners (Cement)
Film LeaderFilm Leader
Measuring SticksFilm Measuring Sticks
Film Punch BlooperFilm Punch Bloopers 16mm, 35mm
Film PunchFilm Punch Single hole for polyester or acetate
Film Transit CasesFilm Transit Cases
Film TrayFilm Trays 16/35mm for holding film cuts
Editing GlovesGloves Editing (White)
Magnetic Heads Details on request
Magview Tape DeveloperMagview Tape Developer
Manual RewindersMK2L RewinderManual Rewinders
Markers All types available permanent & removable
16mm Deluxe Measurer35mm Deluxe MeasurerMeasurers Deluxe Model
16mm Horizontal CounterMeasurers Horizontal Model
35mm Standard MeasurerMeasurers Standard Model
16mm Film CanMetal Cans (Tin Plate)
Microfilm 3M (16mm)
Microfilm Kodak (16mm)
MK3 Deluxe Horizontal Motorised RewinderMotorised Rewinders
NAB Audio Tape Spools
Notcher 35mm hand held
Film LeaderOther Leaders
Camera TapeCIR Tape SplicersOther Sundries
Other TapesOther Tapes
Paper Tape 1/2'' or 1''
Particle Transfer Rollers Details on request
Chinagraph PencilsPencils Chinagraph
Perforated TapePerforated Tape/Sprocket Repair Tape
Film LeaderPolyester Leader (no scraping required)
Bobbin DispensersPremier Bobbin Dispensers
Cinecare Film Perforation RepairerPremier Cinecare Film Perforation Repairer
Leader DispenserPremier Leader Spacer Dispenser Boxes
Fire and Sound Resistant WindowPremier/Rigby Fire Resistant Windows
PF-212 Bulk EraserPF-252 Professional Table EraserProfessional Equipment (Geneva Proformance Range)
Projector Stand Premier portable model
Quik Splice Tape Splicers and Tape
Subject to stock availability
Scissors Non magnetic
Selvyt ClothSelvyt Cloths (Printed/Unprinted)
35mm Solid SpoolSolid Spools
Special Equipment
   Precision equipment built to customers' own requirements
Hamman Film SplicerUltrasonic Film SplicerSplicers (Cement)
16mm CIR Tape Splicer35mm CIR Tape SplicerSplicers (Tape) - Self Perforating
Unperforated TapeSplicing Tape Unperforated (Clear Polypropolene)
Unperforated TapeSplicing Tapes (Polypropolene)
16mm 1600 ft Split Spool35mm Split Spool 2Split Spools
Spool Cabinets
SprocketsSprockets Wide selection of 16mm and 35mm
Storage RackMobile Video Storage RackStorage Racks
4-way SynchroniserDeclutchable SynchroniserSynchronisers
Used Film Equipment Details on request
Video Cassette Splicer Details on request
Video Reels 1'' and 2''
Yellow Polyester Tape (for Dark Room/Processing)
Bluejays Hosting Services